UNRIVALED is a martial art that specializes in grappling, including ground techniques, throwing techniques, and submissions. The winner is determined by points or by first joint lock or choke.

IPPON winning by joint lock and choking techniques.

Takedown by tackling or throwing techniques.
+2 points

Mount, side position, back mount.
+2 points

Escaping from a situation where opponent has top position.
+1 point

Pulling guard.
-2 points

Lifting opponent above the waist from a situation where the opponent is applying a submission.

When a player lands on his back as a result of a throw.
+2 points otherwise.

Guard position, when the athlete being held down transitions to top position.
+2 points

UNRIVALED オフィシャル・ルールブック

ZST MMA オフィシャル・ルールブック